Easter Egg Chart Reveals Women’s Cervix Dilation During Childbirth

It’s nearly Easter and if you’re not particularly religious, you’re probably just wondering which chocolate egg is best to shell out on (sorry), with chocolate makers flogging all kinds of weird and wonderful eggs in all shapes and sizes.

Now, in an interesting new twist on comparing chocolate treats, one parenting blog has showed the size of various eggs in comparison to the size of a woman’s cervix during childbirth. No, I’m not sure why either, but still it’s quite a cool little chart, isn’t it?

Credit: Kalma Baby
Credit: Kalma Baby

Shared on blog Kalma Baby Baby, the cervix dilation/Easter egg chart shows the full range – from a teeny 1cm Mini Egg on to a 2cm Lindt egg, a 3cm Dime Dairy Milk egg, 4cm Smarties egg, a 5cm actual boiled egg, 6cm Kinder Surprise, 7cm Milkybar egg, 8cm Cadbury Buttons egg, a 9cm Rolo egg and finally a 10cm Cadbury’s Easter Egg.

In case you weren’t aware (as I wasn’t until about three minutes ago) the cervix is ‘fully dilated’ at 10cm – or a Cadbury’s Easter egg, as I now call it – and it means the woman is ready to give birth to her baby… but no chocolate eggs, so don’t get your hopes up for that.

Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

The chart was recently shared on Facebook by Royal Devon and Exeter Maternity Services, and quickly picked up thousands of comments from followers.

It’s got a real mixed bag of responses so far, as you could probably guess, with one person writing: “Easter is cancelled.”

Another added: “I’ll never look at a Mini Egg in quite the same away!”

Meanwhile a third admitted to feeling ‘traumatised and peckish‘ at the same time – to be fair, that just about sums me up anyway.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/Cadbury

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